What is known today as Mennonite Mutual Insurance Company actually came into existence in 1895 when a group of men, recognizing the need for protection from property losses against fires and storms, joined together to form a property mutual aid association. These men were members of the Mennonite Church and chose to name the association Mennonite Aid Plan. Among these founders were Jerome Monroe Smucker (founder of The J. M. Smucker Company) and D. C. Hostetler (a local dairy farmer). Both men served the Association as President and Secretary/Treasurer respectively for over 40 years.

At the inception of our existence in 1895, insurance was written only for persons of the Mennonite faith. Over the years, this restriction was removed as our company grew beyond the local Mennonite communities in which we serve. Policies are now issued to individuals whose insurance exposures meet our underwriting standards. Mennonite Mutual Insurance Company offers our insurance products through independently licensed insurance agents. We specialize in serving the insurance needs for churches, farms, and small businesses throughout Ohio and Indiana.

In 1918, the Association was granted a new charter that authorized fire and storm coverage on a statewide basis. This allowed the Association to grow beyond Wayne, Holmes and Stark counties to serve Mennonites in all areas of Ohio. At this time, the Association’s name was changed to Mennonite Mutual Insurance Association.

In 1985, a significant change occurred with the conversion from a post-assessment fire and storm association to a multiple-line, advance premium insurance company. This allowed the company to offer a full portfolio of property, liability and auto coverage. At this time, our name officially changed to Mennonite Mutual Insurance Company.

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