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Faith-based organizations and farms face an ever-changing list of risks and challenges. Mennonite Mutual Insurance is here to equip farmers and faith-based organizations with the knowledge and resources you need to understand contemporary risks and protect yourself, your people, and your property. Clients and agents alike can browse these free resources for agricultural and faith-based organizations.

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Equipment Breakdown for Farms & Agribusiness

As electronic components and automation are increasingly embedded into modern farming equipment, the risk of breakdown continues to rise.  Equipment Breakdown coverage can protect your farm from unexpected breakdown.

Hold-Harmless Agreement - Sample

Mennonite Mutual is pleased to offer a sample hold-harmless agreement for use by our Faith-Based & Farm/Ag insureds to help create a layer of legal protection if individuals or organizations are using insured premises for events. ***NOTE: Please keep in mind that this document is only a guide for your use. Your organization is responsible for complying with all laws; state and federal. All materials should be reviewed by independent counsel prior to implementing a policy or procedures.***

Cyber Liability Risk Management

For our insureds with Cyber Liability endorsed on to their policy, CyberNet provides further protection from cyber risks in the form of online training and support tools, in addition to one-on-one consultation.

Claims Testimonial – Lifespring Church

A fire destroyed Lifespring Church in 2014. But Mennonite Mutual partnered with the church to get their ministry back on their feet & thriving.

Facility Use Agreement

Use this agreement for when outside groups are using the insured's facilites. It includes hold harmless and indemnification language.

Cyber Liability for Farms

Cyber breaches, regardless of the causes, can be disastrous to your farm, your reputation, and your bottom line.  

With Mennonite Mutual's Farmowner's Program, you now have $50,000 of Cyber Liability protection to your core policy.

Cyber Liability addresses a wide range of privacy and security exposures.

Claims Testimonial – Shaggy Apple Farm

"I think the main thing that comes to mind is that Mennonite Mutual was there.  MMIC's company adjuster was very professional.  He wanted to make sure the insured had clear direction before he left."

Our team of insurance experts has the background, education, and training to assist you in securing the right coverage.

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